While the ACA is unabashedly a no-dues organization, we do take all sorts of contributions to keep our operations running strong and make breakthroughs in interface design. Inasmuch as we truly hate to ask for your money, time, energy or other means of support, we are left with no other alternative than to rely upon the goodwill of our associational members and friends.

We liken ourselves to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) operating in the U.S., which seeks out a grassroots membership base upon which to draw for support and sponsorship. So, if you feel inclined to give to ACA, we gladly and humbly accept your support.

Here’s how you can get involved:

If you would like to make a money donation to ACA: Please make your check payable to the “American Communication Association” and mail it to the address below. PayPal or Google Checkout can also be used at the links provided below. If you require a written receipt, please let our Financial Officer know and provide an email or land mail address. We certainly do thank you, and will likely be using your contribution for some really cool software, nimble Web applications, and maybe even database-entry to keep the discipline current.

Please choose one method of contributing below:

Take a good look at us online. If you see something that could be augmented, improved, or even innovated — and would help us as a community come together — please let us know. Again, we do not pretend or desire to be a “big bucks” organization, so if you are willing to help us out with something nifty, do not expect a massive quid pro quo return. Things we could use:

  • Flash developers willing to give of their time and energy.
  • Database engineers willing to help us make sophisticated membership directories.
  • Software learning environments that are conducive to 2,000+ member communities.
  • Virtual convention environments for both all-virtual and hybrid virtual-real conventions.
  • Other things we might not have even considered…

Corporate sponsorship is also appreciated. We at ACA are well aware of the solid relationship between theory and practice. As well, we (the academicians) seek to have better and more robust relationships with our cousinkind practitioners in the corporate sector. Accordingly, we have established the following sponsorship levels for corporations or companies desirous of becoming “affiliated” with the ACA:

  • Platinum level: a $10,000 gift or more
  • Gold level: a $7,500 gift or more
  • Silver level: a $5,000 gift or more
  • Bronze level: a $2,500 gift or more
  • Mission sponsor level: $1,000 or more